Elite Spanish, P.R.E., and Andalusian horses / Caballos Pura Raza Espanola de elite

Big day for the CavalReal stud farm - two Pureblood Spanish (PRE) brood mares from the Diabolo studfarm in Seville plus the first CavalReal foal by one of these mares arrive to Barcelona. With good bones, excellent movements and top stallions such as Lebrijano III, Agente, Gorron II and Official XXI well represented in their pedigrees they represent a strong potential for what we hope to breed - excellent dressage horses. With mostly Yeguada Militar bloodlines for athletism and bone, some Escalera for great movements, and Bocado for classic Spanish type and beauty, these mares if matched correctly can hopefully give beautiful strong offspring well suited for dressage and competition.